National Chocolate Truffle Making Party, with a French Twist! 8pm 09/26/20




We’re connecting people throughout the USA with Chocolate, by bringing our Chocolate Truffle Making Party to you & your friends!

It’s the perfect way to enjoy staying at home AND keep in touch with loved ones AND make yummy chocolate treats AND make memories, all at the same time! This is open to anyone in the USA!

Join us at 8pm on Saturday, September 26th, ONLINE, via Zoom! We’ll be making DELICIOUS Chocolate Truffles with a French Twist!

We’re so excited to share our fun French game developed by our friend & colleague, Penelope Lespinasse, owner of Penelope Speaks French You’re sure to have a merveilleux moment during our party!


1. Just hop on the link for the party & preregister. Please Preregister by 4pm Wed 9/23/2020 so that we can ship your Chocolate Truffle Supply Kit AND your fun French activity to you in time for the Party!

2. Via email, we’ll invite you to join all of us on the day of the party to travel virtually, gathering online via Zoom! In this way, each guest has the opportunity to see and talk with one another while enjoying the process of making DELICIOUS chocolate truffles!


1. You’ll just need a smart phone with data or a computer along with a high speed internet connection.

2. You’ll also need a microwave with a microwave safe bowl to melt the chocolate. Instead, you may use a double boiler or a chocolate melter, no problem.

3. And lastly, grab 1/4 cup of your favorite liquid per kit to flavor your truffles. For children & those under 21 or those who prefer alcohol free truffles, you may use juice, coffee, tea or cola for your truffles. If you prefer alcohol, you may want to use Bailey’s, Kahlua, Rum, Bourbon, Wine or any other liquid to flavor your truffles!

During our online Zoom Party, we’ll all have a blast as we guide you in how to make about 20 DELICIOUS chocolate truffles per kit while visiting online with everyone else at the party and having fun with French! No cooking or baking required!


Private Online Parties also available! Call us and we’ll create an online party link, send it to you to share the link with your friends who purchase a Truffle Kit that we’ll send to them. At the date and time of the party we’ll invite you and your friends into the Zoom Party and host your Private Online Party.

  • Our truffles have a shelf life of 2 months. They dry out over time.
  • We have a ‘No Returns’ Policy.

Additional information

Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 4 in
Milk or Dark Chocolate

Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate


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