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This is a project that we began a couple of years ago with our grandsons to teach them about small business and how to be entrepreneurs. Each Christmas, once a year, they receive the profits from the sales. They’ve been involved in every part of the process and have learned so much about shopping, budgeting, saving money, patience, packaging, profits, costs, respect for the time & efforts of other entrepreneurs, etc. etc., etc. The lessons are endless.

Each Kit contains the following…..

A Starburst to give you a ‘burst’ of energy when you need it.

A Lifesaver for when you have one of those days.

Hand Sanitizer to keep everyone healthy & happy.

Lotion to soothe the rough patches in your day.

Tissue for the tears.

A Chocolate Kiss to remind you how much I love you.

This kit is perfect to give as a ‘love gift’ to someone special in your life, just to say ‘I care’.

A huge THANK YOU from my Grandsons for your support of their learning project. They are 10 & 11 years old.

Be well & have a wonderful day!

Porch Delivery is available within an hour of downtown Cleveland, Ohio.

Shipping is also available throughout the USA.

We have a ‘No Returns’ Policy.

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Weight 13 oz


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