Travel the Globe – Kid’s Nationwide Art Camp! 6/15/20 – 6/19/20



Kid’s Nationwide Art Camps  It’s summertime, FINALLY, the time of year when parents & kids look forward to the end of the school year and the beginning of Summer Camp! We’ve designed lots of super fun Nationwide Summer Art Camps for kids of all ages!

What’s so special about our Kid’s Nationwide Art Camps? 2 things:

1. We’re bringing kids together throughout the USA! Since our Art Camps are open to kids throughout the United States, this is the perfect time to invite your friends & family living in other states across our country! AND
2. We’re so honored to let you know that we’ll have a Guest Presenter with us each day from Cleveland, Ohio’s own gem, the Cleveland Museum of Art! It just doesn’t get better than that!

6/15/20 – 6/19/20 The theme of this week’s Summer Camp is ‘Travel the Globe’. Each day, we’ll virtually Zoom to a different place on the Globe. While there, we’ll each make a piece of art, inspired by the art of the country that we’re visiting in our imaginations.

Our Weekly Summer Camps are Monday – Friday, 10am – 2pm.                                  Our Daily Schedule:

10 – 11:30am Intro to the art that will be our inspiration today and to our art activity for the day. Presentation by our Special Guest from the Cleveland Museum of Art. Your Art Kit will be reviewed. We’ll all have fun making art, led by our Art Teacher.

11:30am – 12:30 Break time! Move back from your screen! Hop up, move around & exercise! Eat some lunch. Put finishing touches on your amazing piece of art.

12:30 – 2pm ‘Look what I made!’ Time to show & talk about all of our creations!

On Friday of each week, a Virtual Art Exhibit will be shared for our campers to enjoy with their families and friends! Together. we’ll also choose a group to whom to send a copy of our Virtual Art Exhibit, to add smiles to their days (First Responders, Nursing Home residents, etc., etc., etc.)

  • As you check out, be sure to designate the age group of your camper: age 4-6, age 7-9, age 10-13 & age 14-18. Each Registered camper will receive his/her own special art kit with all of the necessary supplies included for the art activity for Travel/ the Globe.
  • We’re using secure Zoom accounts. Your Zoom link will be emailed to you before your daily camp.
  • Please have your camper/campers wear clothing appropriate for creating art.
  • We have a ‘No Returns’ Policy.


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